Hello! We’re Clix.ar.us: The Leading Affiliate Network.

At Clixarus, we are more than just an affiliate network – we are your partners in success. With a proven track record of driving unparalleled results and a commitment to innovation, we collaborate with advertisers and affiliates to elevate your campaigns to new heights.

We Empower Affiliates & Advertisers

Devoted to forging robust connections and fostering approachability, our global and multilingual team of affiliate managers understands that the essence of our business thrives on the strength of relationships. After all, the caliber of our enterprise is a direct reflection of the excellence of our partnerships.

Within Clixarus, we immerse ourselves in an impressive two terabytes of extensive data annually. To dissect and forecast trends, our exceptional Business Intelligence team takes charge, expertly categorizing and deciphering this information. By harnessing vital market insights, they pave the way for a crystal-clear vision that directly enriches your experience.
Elevating your business with Clixarus is now more seamless than ever. Our seasoned Sales team stands by your side at every juncture, offering unwavering support. Be it clarifying queries or equipping you with the essential tools for triumph, you can rely on this dedicated team to steer you toward your aspirations. Rest assured, the golden crew ensures a VIP treatment for all.
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