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Step into a realm of limitless possibilities with Clixarus – your premier platform for affiliate growth and success.

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Clixarus provides exclusive access to high converting offers.

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As one of the highest paying cpa networks, our payment cycle is unique and tailored to meet the needs of each partner ensuring optimal risk management and positive cash flow.

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Any friend of yours, is a friend of ours. So, if you know someone who could benefit from Clixarus’ high paying affiliate network then please do refer them to us.

Top Performing Verticals

Dive into our top-performing verticals for unbeatable success. Discover lucrative opportunities and high-converting niches that drive affiliate triumph at Clixarus.


Ignite connections and conversions in the world of romance. Unleash your affiliate potential with our high-converting dating vertical


Unlock the excitement of sweepstakes and watch your earnings soar. Join our sweepstakes vertical and seize the opportunity to maximize your affiliate revenue.


Harness the power of our industry connections and expert management to access a diverse array of customized offers across various verticals. Your affiliate success knows no bounds with our dynamic “Others” category. Elevate your earnings today.

With nearly a decade of industry expertise, our proficiency in shaping and elevating affiliate networks is unmatched. As dedicated partners, we offer an exclusive gateway to top-tier, high-converting offers across dominant verticals: Dating, Nutra, Sweepstakes, iGaming, and beyond.

Renowned for our leading payouts, we invest unwavering effort into forging enduring relationships with advertisers. This grants us access to an extensive repository of exclusive offers, complete with meticulously crafted landing pages tailored to your unique business requirements. Your investment is paramount, and thus we establish competitive payment terms to fortify your financial prowess.

Our approach is rooted in collaboration, where our adept affiliate managers double as traffic consultants, furnishing you with unparalleled insights. Simultaneously, our in-house media buying team delivers tailored strategies that harmonize and amplify your traffic. Augmenting our ecosystem is our astute business intelligence team. Their acute awareness of industry dynamics guarantees unceasing support, fortified by data-driven insights into tried-and-true traffic sources, landers, and flows.

Embedded within our ethos are Guaranteed EPCs, an assurance of our commitment to your success. Further catering to elite affiliates, we offer the potential for private and in-house offers, as well as dedicated CAPs for a personalized partnership that truly empowers your growth.